The European Commission (EC) has set up the Black Sea Assistance Mechanism (BSAM) to support the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea. 

Specifically, BSAM will support raise awareness on the opportunities presented by the blue economy in the Black Sea region. The blue economy can contribute to the sustainable economic development of the region, particularly the coastal regions. 

The main goals and related priorities of the Common Maritime Agenda, are (i) healthy marine and coastal ecosystems; (ii) competitive, innovative and sustainable blue economy for the Black Sea; and (iii) investments in the Black Sea blue economy.

The Black Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea (SRIA) is its scientific pillar.

The event objectives are:

To give a full picture of tools and assistance available in Ukraine for an effective implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda and its R&I Pillar (SRIA) for a healthy and sustainable blue economy.
To share issue and best practices on EU funding calls.
To provide practical guidance to the various stakeholders in the blue economy for Ukraine (Authorities, Universities, SMEs, CSOs, etc): what’s in it for them, which are the specific requirements to be eligible and what they have to gain from future financing streams.

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